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Our Treatments

Our hands-on treatment approach and techniques are second to none. We have a multimodal and corrective treatment approach not only to get rid of pains but to address the underlying cause for long-term and efficient results.

Heel Pain

Pain in the heel is commonly caused by overuse and can affect patients’ ability to complete day-to-day activities. Most people are familiar with the most common forms of heel pain such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinopathy, however, there are a number of less-known conditions and reasons people may develop symptoms of heel pain

Rearfoot Pain

Ankle injuries include, but are not limited to ‘ankle sprains’. A ‘sprained’ ankle can mask damage to other structures such as a subtle fracture around the ankle joint, talus fractures, or dislocations as well as peroneal tendon ruptures. In addition, patients may complain of ankle pain that is not related to an acute injury but more an ‘overuse injury’.

Midfoot Pain

The midfoot consists of the three cuneiform bones, the cuboid, and the navicular bones as well as the surrounding soft tissue. The most common cause of midfoot pain is mid-tarsal joint sprains after an ankle injury, but the most important cause of midfoot pain is a stress fracture of the navicular bone. Tendinopathy of the extensor tendons is another common cause of midfoot pain.

Forefoot Pain

Forefoot problems that can severely compromise athletes and active patients include stress fractures and soft tissue injuries such as a plantar plate tear. Common problems that are far more significant in the ‘weekend warrior’ include corns, calluses, and nail problems.

Whatever your foot or nail condition, we have a solution that fits. Contact us to discuss your nail problem today.