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Our Treatments 

Explore a comprehensive array of specialised treatments at Foot Foundation, designed to elevate your foot and ankle health through personalised care and innovative solutions.

Strapping and Bracing

Experience targeted support for your foot and ankle conditions with our specialised strapping and bracing solutions. Customised for your unique needs, these techniques enhance stability and promote optimal functionality.

Mobilisations and Manipulations

Discover improved joint mobility and reduced discomfort through our mobilisation and manipulation techniques. Our skilled practitioners apply precise methods to enhance your foot and ankle movement.

Soft Tissue Massage

Indulge in soothing soft tissue massages tailored to address foot and ankle tension. Our therapists provide relief, promoting relaxation and flexibility for enhanced overall foot health.

Dry Needling

Unlock the benefits of dry needling, a therapeutic technique addressing muscle tightness and pain. Our trained professionals use this precise method to release tension and promote optimal foot and ankle function.

Exercise Prescription

Take a step toward stronger, healthier feet with personalised exercise plans. Tailored to your needs, our exercise prescriptions enhance strength, flexibility, and overall foot function.

Orthotic Therapy

Experience the transformative impact of custom-made orthotics. Crafted for your unique foot structure, our orthotic therapy provides targeted support, correcting misalignments and promoting long-term foot wellness.

Footwear Advice and Modifications

Step into comfort with expert footwear advice and modifications. Our podiatrists recommend personalised solutions, ensuring your shoes provide optimal support for your foot type and conditions.

Gait Retraining

Optimise your walking and running patterns with our gait retraining services. Our biomechanics experts analyse and adjust your gait, promoting efficient and comfortable movement.


Immerse yourself in revitalising hydrotherapy at your local swimming complex. Utilising water's therapeutic properties, this service offers low-impact exercises, promoting rehabilitation and pain relief for your feet and ankles.


Experience innovative pain management with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). Our specialised approach provides non-invasive relief, disrupting pain signals for enhanced foot and ankle comfort.

Chronic Pain Management

Find relief from persistent foot and ankle discomfort through our comprehensive chronic pain management programs. Our multidisciplinary team addresses both physical and emotional aspects, ensuring a holistic approach to your pain.

Pre/Post Operative Rehabilitation

Navigate surgical procedures with confidence through our pre/post-operative rehabilitation services. Tailored to your needs, these programs optimise recovery and support your foot and ankle health journey.

Whatever your foot condition, we have a solution that fits. Contact us to discuss your foot problem today.