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Photodisinfection Therapy

Photodisinfection therapy is a new, safe, and effective in-clinic treatment for onychomycosis (fungal nails). Clinical studies show a 96% positive response after 6 months of treatment. 

The advantages of photodisinfection therapy

  • No pain, no downtime and no risk

  • Treatment completed in 30 minutes

  • Proven clinical results

  • 96% of patients respond

How does photodisinfection work?

Photodisinfection therapy is a simple and easy system to use in the clinic. The technology works by stimulating the production of reactive oxygen species, which effectively destroy the membrane of the fungal cells. The serum used is a non-toxic formulation containing a blue dye molecule that preferentially binds to fungal microorganisms. The serum has a lower surface tension than water, making it very easily absorbed. It is delivered via a single-use pen of 1ml and it has the ability to be absorbed by a well-debrided or fenestrated nail plate. The serum molecules attach to the fungal cells when the nails are soaked for 15 minutes. The feet are then placed under the Red LED therapy light for a further 15 minutes to complete the treatment.

The light used includes four red LEDs at a wavelength of 660 nm. The light triggers a photochemical reaction that produces reactive oxygen species, which are responsible for lethally disrupting the fungal cell membrane, effectively killing the fungal Cells.

What is the diagnostic process?

Your Fungal Nail Solutions clinician will take a thorough medical history, consider your risk factors, complete a comprehensive physical examination and use a diafactory fungal nail test to correctly diagnose your fungal nail infection which has 99% certainty. A Diafactory fungal nail test involves taking a clipping of your toenail. We will also take photos of your infected nails and measure the line of fungal growth from the base of the nail so that your treatment protocol can be monitored over time.

Once a correct diagnosis has been made, your Fungal Nail Solutions clinician will discuss the most appropriate treatment protocol with you and answer any questions that you may have.

What is the photodisinfection treatment process?

Before your laser treatment begins, your Fungal Nail Solutions clinician will trim, thin and debride your affected nails to best prepare them for laser treatment. This process is designed to remove as much of the fungal infection as possible to ensure the best success of your fungal laser treatment. You will also be given important information about appropriate hygiene and prevention protocols to reduce your re-infection rates during and after treatment.

Following your fungal debridement, your effected nails will be soaked with a serum for 15 minutes. The feet are then placed under the Red LED therapy light for a further 15 minutes to complete the treatment. This treatment is usually performed every 2 weeks for somewhere between 6-10 treatment sessions depending on the level of your infection. Your Fungal Nail Solutions clinician will speak to you in more depth to determine whether a combined treatment protocol is required whilst undertaking photodisinfection therapy. 

Patients will return 2-3 months following their final photodisinfection therapy treatment to determine whether healthy nail growth is present or not. We will take photographs and compare measurements from your previous appointment to help determine whether the laser treatment has been a success. If further treatment sessions are required, your Fungal Nail Solutions clinician will explain how many more treatments you will require or whether another treatment protocol is advised.

How successful is photodisinfection therapy?

Clinical trials were conducted in 2020 and 97% of patients responded to the treatment. 76% of patients showed total or substantial clearance of the infection, 21% showed some degree of improvement and only 3% showed minimal or no response in the nail surface area covered by fungus after only 6 months. The serum has been shown to be effective for patients with onychomycosis (dermatophytes Trichophyton Rubrum and T Mentagrophytes and/or yeasts Candida Albicans etc).

Contact us for more information about how Photodisinfection Therapy could work for you.